Loose or bagged tea?

We are loose leaf tea fanatics too!

I have wanted to write a post about this issue for a while, but felt I had to do some background reading first.  Now that I have, it’s time for this post.

The idea of selling loose leaf tea is a personal motivation of mine.  I am an environmentally and health conscious person who tries to lessen my impact on the world where possible.  I also understand that the world we live in, it’s not always possible to do this all time but by being mindful and doing what I can is a start.

So, I could easily sell bagged tea and I’m sure people would buy it, however the reasons for only selling loose are more in line with my personal, social and environmental concerns which of course influence the type of business I would like to run.  I’m not in this to ‘make a quick buck’ and my social…

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Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2014 : finum´s LOOK TOUCH TASTE


Winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2014 : finum´s LOOK TOUCH TASTE

An innovation in tabletop: the winner of Interior Innovation Award 2014*, LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is a patented spice grinder carrying the curvy shape of a bell. At its bottom there is a patented discharge pool which gathers the ground spices within. By tapping it, you can direct the desired amount of spices precisely where you want it!
With an elegant outer design that attracts the eye, finum®´s LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is so much more. It includes a ceramic grinder mechanism that has passed a durability test equal to 200 years usage in a normal household. Salt, pepper or herbs can be grinded with no risk of oxidization or any other chemical reaction affecting aroma or flavor. LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ adjusts the coarseness of your grinding.

*Regarding Interior Innovation Award:
It is considered one of the most renowned design awards in the global interior furnishing industry. It is sponsored by the imm cologne trade fair and organized by the German Design Council. The Interior Innovation Award stands for first-class innovative achievements within the interior design market

finum Paper Tea Filters XXL (Extra Long)

The newest and longest disposable tea filters of the range, the XXL (Extra Long) fit into vacuum flasks and large tea pots. They have an easy-fill flap for convenience. Ideal for hot or cold brew of tea / herbs, they are a perfect match with finum®´s upcoming cold brew carafe, H2O PLUS.
finum® XXL (Extra Long) tea filters, as all finum® disposable filters, are made from biodegradable cellulose and abaca pulp.